Laboratory of Nuclear Spectrometry

Faculty of Environmental Science and Engeneering


FANTANELE str. nr. 30

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Project Leader:

Lect. dr. Begy Robert-Csaba


Radionuclides As tracers of the Anthropic influence on the Danube Delta sedimentary processes



Laboratory equipment


High resolution gamma spectrometry


Two high resolution gamma spectrometry systems with hyper pure germanium detectors

(ORTEC GEM HPeGe detector with FWHM of 1.85KeV at 1.33MeV with an Al window of 1mm and ORTEC GMX HpeGe detector with FWHM 1.92KeV at 1.33MeV with a Be window of 0.5 mm which allow the recording and determination of low level energies).


Alpha spectrometry


4 ORTEC SOLOIST alpha spectrometric  system equipped with PIPS detectors of 900 mm2 and 1200 mm2, resolution of 19 keV and data acquisition system ASPEC-92.


Radiochemistry laboratory


Equipped with laboratory utensils and glassware