The Danube Delta is the estuary area of the Danube, where the Danube River reaches the Black Sea. To understand the anthropogenic influences in this area, the development of the knowledge of the processes which control the sedimentation are of particular interest. The aim of this project is to offer a set of results concerning the sedimentation accumulation processes in the Danube Delta as well as on the continental danubean shelf, obtained by absolute radiometric methods. The 210Pb dating method is applied on some of the lakes in the Danube Delta, namely on lakes with sedimentation rates that reflect the changes in the river sediment discharge, as well as on samples collected form the continental danubean shelf. In addition recent loess deposits will be dated using the optically stimulated luminescence (OSL) method. These studies will allow the acquisition of important information regarding the elaboration of a sedimentation model in the Danube Delta in order to analyze the deltaic shore evolution.

 The aims of the project

 Determination of sedimentation rates from different lacustrine environments located in the Danube Delta in the purpose of determining the solid discharge variations transported by the Danube River.

 Estimation of the sedimentation rates of the danubean continental shelf in order to identify the erosion processes and the redeposition of the sediments.

 Application of the 210Pb method on the Danube Delta sediments

Estimated results

 Data referring to the sedimentation rates of the analyzed lacustrine environments

 Results referring to the erosion rates and redeposition of the sediments in the dynamics of the formation of the continental danubean shelf

 Sediment dating using the OSL method (optically simulated luminescence)

 Proof of the applicability of the 210Pb method on deltaic sediments

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Project Leader:

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Radionuclides As tracers of the Anthropic influence on the Danube Delta sedimentary processes


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